Our History

Steve’s Tailoring & Men’s Wear has been a cornerstone in Canton since 1975 but its history actually started in Greece in 1945 just as World War II came to a close. That’s when Stavros Antoniades (later known as Steve) was sent away to apprentice under a master tailor at the young age of 13. His apprenticeship took many years of perseverance but it was there Stavros learned the skills of a master tailor; an education that just isn’t available anymore.

Steve the TailorHe went on to serve in the Greek military on the island of Crete.  After serving his country Stavros opened his first tailor shop in Greece in 1950. The business steadily grew for 17 years but in Greece there were limits to what could be accomplished. Stavros, like millions around the world, had his eyes set on the American dream for him and his family.

It’s a dream that came true in 1967 when Stavros, along with his wife and two children, journeyed to America.  For years in the States, Stavros worked for a prominent clothier during the day while spending his evenings tirelessly making suits for his own customers out of his basement. The American dreams comes to those who earn it; and that’s precisely what “Steve” made happen. In 1975 Steve established his very own store in Canton. Since then, Steve’s Tailoring & Men’s Wear has continued to evolve with the times but one constant has been Steve’s integrity and commitment to the uncompromising ways of all master tailors. This tradition has been passed on to his son Steve who now leads the business with the same, timeless principles.

Today Steve’s Tailoring & Men’s Wear offers a wide range of quality products and services including men’s and women’s tailoring, tuxedos sales and rentals, men’s custom and ready-made suits, slacks, and sport coats, and a variety of accessories. And all backed by a family that knows how to meet the needs of its discerning customers. Period.